Thursday, September 13, 2012

Awesome Azure Diagnostics!

Just started working on diagnostics in azure and I can't help expressing  my happiness about the features it provides.

1) Errors and logs can be treated equally: Errors and traces and logs can all be logged as traces(advantage given below).

2) Tier wise tracing: You decide which layer should trace. Data layer , service layer Etc. This is done with Trace Switching.

3) Filter on Tier wise tracing:  Filter what needs to be traced. Errors,Information,Warning ,etc.

4) Transfer logs/traces to storages periodically with the help of Azure Diagnostics  library

5) Filter on Transfer : You decide what to Transfer (Errors,Information,Warning ,etc).

Easy to visualise architecture wise !  Easy to implement coding wise!

It is not over! This one is my favourite:

6) Runtime change of filtering and fetching: We usually put diagnostic related info in web.config. But by putting this in ServiceConfiguration.cscfg , we can trigger the changing event to reset the filtering and tracing.

Developers spend years amassing skills to become an architect but then they did not work on Azure!


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